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Programme 5

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From the Identification of Genes and Cellular Networks in Murine Models of Arthritis to novel Therapeutic Intervention Strategies in Rheumatoid Arthritis

The research network, EUROME, represents European Centers of Excellence applying state of the art functional genomics technologies e.g. genome, transcriptome (microarrays), and proteome analysis to study animal models of rheumatoid arthritis. EUROME aims to improve our knowledge on in vivo disease mechanisms and, hence, to develop more rational forms of therapy.


Specific Objectives of EUROME

To identify cells, genes and pathways contributing to Arthritis initiation, progression and chronicity:

  • To identify new arthritis susceptibility genes :
    By making use of various congenic mouse strains, genes involved in the pathogenesis of arthritis in animal models are going to be identified.
  • To evaluate the function of the newly discovered genes
  • To establish a gene expression database:
    Data derived from microarray analysis and proteome studies as well as genetic genotype and sequence information.
  • To develop new animal models of arthritis:
    Improved animal models for the study of arthritis will be produced.
  • To establish new therapeutic strategies
    By making use of adenoviral, cell based transfers and recombinant products, the feasibility of novel therapeutic interventions, e.g targeting the neovascularization, will be determined.